my earnest wish

Dear Mr. Christoph Weiss,

Die Sprüche Salomos 19 : 21

In eines Mannes Herzen sind viele Pläne; aber zustande kommt der Ratschluss des Herrn.

As you see, Ten years have already passed since 2nd October 2006.

I think that your father is now 91 years old, being very well in good health.

You and your father visited our APS in Osaka together with Mrs. K.

At that time, we heartily entertained your party without any way of knowing matters as mentioned below.

In order to switch confidentially from our APS as Sole Agent to N's side,

you conspired with JET/N against the switching, and we are already facing with such current situations.

First of all, you let Mr. C join our APS for 4 years, and during the period, you made our intellectual properties and those rights squeezed out of us through JET and they were passed into N.

N passed themselves off as our APS, using our APS's address, name of CEO, Permissions & Licenses and etc., then they took over our APS.

It is not absolutely allowed at all that N took over our APS's Sole Agent and they became BEGO's Sole Agent instead.

You made bad use of our CD-ROM which APS prepared for application, for N through JET.

After all, you are CEO of different Corporation from our APS.

It is bad to make use of all our APS's already approved documents for Class Ⅰ & Ⅱ without previous permission of our APS's CEO.

In order to make N the Sole Agent, first of all, you should have talked officially with our APS's CEO and made out official records in writing and should have mutually signed on them.

Of course, our APS do not consider at all to abandon suddenly BEGO's Sole Agent.

You had N take over our all APS's properties in very quiet cowardly and sly way.

Risk -Analysis made out by Dr. S are ones of fabrications.

I informed JET of these matters in writing; however JET used to disregard our inquiries, therefore I am convinced due to their attitude that you conspired with JET from the first stage.

The evaluator of the Biological- Safety to guarantee the Risk-Analysis fabricated should not be CEO of our APS but you should become the evaluator by yourself.

In order to realize this conspiracy, you sent money in secret to Mr. T of JET through Mr. C on 25th March, 2008.

Also, JET sent our APS the relative data of the factory audit on 5th June, 2008.

In the data, Mr. M wrote carelessly the date for N, not the date for APS, for the declaration documents concerning conformity research.

This means that N received no first audition for their factory, and they made use of all our APS's data exactly as they were.

Such terrible evildoings cannot be absolutely permitted.

Further, in case the one product is identical one, D-MAH must be one Company, however you made two D-MAH, APS and N, and afterwards, in order to remove our APS, you were in conspiracy with JET to carry out unfair certification liquidation.

You and your father trampled upon our APS co-operated with you as Partner for long years since 1969 under such treatment and you made N to be now Sole Agent.

If my late parents come to know such situations, how they would grieve deeply.

Can you imagine by yourself?

Do you know how we have suffered and are still suffering terrible persecution & distress even at present time by conspiracy & evildoings from you and your group, the third parties of JET & N?

On the other hand, you have enjoyed parties in luxury with your group since these last 10 years.

Since my parents passed away, unknown cars & trucks used to hang and look around my house, all day and all night.

At certain time, some alien substances were thrown into my garden, and at another time, some medicines were scattered into my garden from outside of my house and trees of Juneberry which is important for me withered and died in one overnight.

Further, I continuously had suspicious phone callings from both overseas and domestic areas.

These are just one sample of harassments.

As above, we have kept sustaining immeasurable spiritual and substantial damages from you and your group.

I have kept patiently on praying for these 10 years, having waited for settlement of the problems.

I firmly inform you & your group not to do such evil any longer.

Please come to our APS head office without any delay and you should speak honestly all truths to us.

Please explain to us why such faults were acted and also every detail including process from the beginning.

If you leave these present situations as they are now, your own group's blemish for the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law will remain forever.

Please enable our current APS hurt deeply & deeply by your betrayal's actions to restore and recover to former APS's situations as we were before.

Looking forward to your immediate visiting our APS, I am

Yours faithfully,

First daughter of my late father, Mr. Nobutaka Harada

Mrs. Yoko Nakai, Director of APS Co., Ltd.