Please restore 「LIFE」 to our APS.

Mr. Christoph Weiss

We came to know some matters while having several struggles into the courts for judgement against our opponent JET from 2014.10.16 to 2017.2.2.

BEGO made use of our APS's Old Approved Certificates for importing, Licenses authorized in Japan to be manufactured & sold and also CD-ROM without any notice to our APS, and BEGO designated two D・MAH at the same time.

Its is very serious fault to make use of such APS's valuable Data without our permission.

Primarily, BEGO should have followed prescribed legal procedures, after full and efficient conference with our APS, for such as Contract of Transfer of the Old Approved Certificates of importing items, written Statement,
the Succession Registration of Approved Certificates and Contract of D・MAH according to the Pharmaceutical Affaires Law's regulations after the Approved Certicates were liquidated by APS.

We wonder why you followed unjustified the Pharmaceutical Affaires Law's procedures, without having followed legal the procedures as above-mentioned. ?

By the way, BEGO's plants are not audited by JET for the conformity research per every 5 years by the date of 2013.8.19.
On the other hand, our APS 's plant at Nishinomiya was audited for the conformity research per every 5 years on the date of 2013.5.20. and we have the Certificate which was passed.

BEGO liquidated Certificates for only our APS without any permission to APS,
and we wonder why N Co. is keeping to make i Co. sell BEGO's items approved since Certificates permitted in February , 2009 ?

Thus, after making use of APS, why BEGO liquidated only APS and cut off relations with APS ?

Up to now, you are hiding facts so far since February 2007, and we ask you
why you made such serious mistakes ?
Please talk honesty to me.

When we consider by ourselves, BEGO made our APS one-sidedly as D・MAH while APS was preparing for application to shift to New Law from Old one, therefore following expenses should be paid by BEGO and are not ones we have to bear by ourselves.

Amount (¥) Remarks
28,800.- Transportation fee for JET who came to APS Head Office to audit our plant for the first time on 2008.5.16.
218,400.- Expenses of re-production for 22 items of BEGO's Certicates Approved.
2,362,500.- BEGO's the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law's consultant, Mr.Y falsified contents of APS's Old Approved Certificates for importing.
The expenses for notes & copies of the Applications which were made out after falsified as above. (for 9 items)

Please remit the total amount of ¥2,609,700.- to APS immediately.

Furthermore, as we have referred to you by mails since October in 2012, please return following original documents to our APS at once since those are quite our APS's treasures.

①The Old Approved Certificates for importing of Wirobond 280, Wironit EH, Wironium EH & Wironium plus.

② Old Additional Licenses for importing items , except a part.

Moreover, the opening date in the Contract concerning compliance with GQP which JET made out for BEGO is mentioned to be 2008.5.29.

In order to terminate this Contract, please come to APS Head Office promptly.
At that time when you come to us, please take back all BEGO's products which are still remaining in our stock without being unsold yet and please make the full payment for all of them.

This time please absolutely cope with above-mentioned, at your earliest convenience.

Hoping that you can understand our proposal, we are waiting for your affirmative reply.

APS Co., Ltd.
Mrs. Yoko Nakai, Director & Pharmacist