Your Violation of Distribution Agreement

the 15th of July, 2019

Dear Mr. Christoph Weiß,

Would you please notice the very important thing.
I'm only saying this for yourself.

The Distribution Agreement which you and JET made out took effect on the date of 01.07.2008.

I read it many times and learned the very important thing.

§13 Term of the Distribution Agreement

(1) The Distribution Agreement shall run until 01.07.2013 and expires automatically at this date.
This sentence involves the word “shall” auxiliary verb which expresses future plan.

(6)Any notice of termination must be in writing by a registered letter.
You have never practiced yet this clause so far.

The form of character for your signature on the 11th page differs from the one on the last page (ANNEX Ⅶ).
JET made out ANNEX Ⅶ (GQP Agreement).

You and JET made the CEO of APS as the evaluator of the Biological-Safety of BEGO Products.
Why did you and JET do such this wrong things.

According to the notice of Japanese Ministerial Ordinance, the person only who has the qualification for the evaluation of the Biological-Safety must evaluate Biological-Safety.

Thus, you and JET duly violated this law notice.

All clauses of the Distribution Agreement don't be expired at all because

you don't write the registered letter signed officially by you.

On 02.10.2012, you came to our APS office and said orally to us “BEGO stops dealing with APS”.
APS asked you to make your signature for the record talked each other, but you refused it and went back.

Thus, the dealing has not actually terminated yet between you and our APS.

This surely means that you and JET are deceiving not only our APS, users in Japan but also people in Japan.

At the earliest possible date even one day, I quite seriously ask you to visit our APS office together with JET and I will be pleased if you honestly tell me why you violated the Distribution Agreement.

Sincerely yours

A.P.S.Co., Ltd.
Director:Yoko Nakai