真実な手紙 5

25 September 2020

Dear Mr. Christoph Weiß,

How are you?

Since the second of October 2006, I continue to think all the time of you and to pray for you every day.

As the second of October is my late mother's birthday I never forget the day.

I would like to ask you.

Please find the attached five document-sheets.

These sheets were content-certified by registered-mail which was made out by the famous lawyer at Winny copyright infringement criminal case in Japan case.

And it reached APS on the 17th December 2013.

I did not realize on trial with JET at that time, however, I now feel very uneasy and disturbing.

Did you know this lawyer? Until now I have thought that you commissioned him and instructed him to make this document yourself.

But now I think this document reached APS at just the anniversary of my father’s death. Why?

I don’t think that you schemed to send it to APS on the anniversary of my father’s death on purpose.

It must be that the person who commissioned the lawyer to make the document knew the anniversary of my father’s death and schemed to plunge APS into the disappearance.

I understand you were not the client because I asked him the client again and again but he didn’t answer at all.

This client has wanted all people to think BEGO violated the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan and instructed JET on Certificate Seiri by BEGO solely without acceptance of APS.

Even though you gave funds to JET groups, they put label mentioning that BEGO violated the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law in Japan and instructed JET on Certificate Seiri, and BEGO made the application under one single name of BEGO only, despite that the application for Certificate Seiri must be made under both names of APS and BEGO.

All people in Japan think that you are the worst of the bad and wrong people in the BEGO case.

Is that OK?

You are not able to become a politician in Germany.

So you are the worst of the bad and wrong people in the BEGO case.

I gaze at the brochure heartily that my late father held the exhibition a long time ago.

At that time your late father and BEGO lectured on a training course.

Your late father liked the “Uirou” cake in Nagoya very much.

Therefore BEGO article names are attached “Wiro-” like Wironit, Wirovest, and so on.

Do you know this?

How is dear Valerie? I have a very good impression of her.

Would you please I beg you to come to APS with Valerie?

And would you please say fairly the motive you brought about BEGO case.

It is the most important to speak all things honestly for the recovery of crime.

It will give us a sure answer.

I pray we have peace of mind.

Director of APS

Yoko Nakai


document-0 document-1 document-2 document-3 document-4




あなたに お尋ねしたいことがあります。



JETとの裁判の時には気が付きませんでしたけれど、今 大変気になることがあります。



けれども、よく考えますと この郵便物がAPSに届いた日は、ちょうど私の父の命日です。

私は、あなたが わざと父の命日に届くようにしたとは思いません。


この弁護士に、依頼者が誰かをおたずねしても、一切 何も答えないことから あなたが依頼者ではないことがわかりました。





私は、昔、私の父が開催した展示会で あなたのお父様やBEGOの講師たちが講習したパンフレットをしみじみとながめました。

あなたの お父様は名古屋の「ういろう」菓子がとてもお気に入り、Wironit, Wirovestなど製品名にWiro— を付けられました。







そして、このBEGO事件を引き起こした動機を どうぞ正直にお話しください。



APS 取締役 中井 陽子