three questions regarding this matter

March 25, 2024

Dear Mrs. Anja Šraj,

Thank you for your email.
I would like to ask you three important questions regarding this matter of your company and ours.

1. This EPIS plus d.o.o. document had two A. P. S. Co., Ltd. on letterhead as of December 31, 2022. However, the EPIS plus d.o.o. document dated December 31, 2021, listed one A. P. S. CO on letterhead.
Why has the letterhead of the EPIS plus d.o.o. changed from one A. P. S. CO to two A. P. S. Co., Ltd.?
Since the time our company was trading with BEGO, a past accountant who had connections with my younger sister was registered for banking and trade under A. P. S. Co., Ltd. Regarding the notation of our company name, was your company influenced by my younger sister to change from A. P. S. CO to two A. P. S. Co., Ltd. in the EPIS plus d.o.o. document? We believe there are strong reasons for the change in our company name. Could you please explain the reasons for the change in the EPIS document?

2. Why did Mrs. Barbara Zagožen email our staff to thank for my handmade white lace shoulder bag as a present for her?
Did she receive a card in our staff’s name or did she receive a card in my handwriting?
I am still very concerned about this incident that happened two and a half years ago and feel sad that she has kept the truth from me. Please let me know if the card that accompanied the present was handwritten by me or not.

3. On June 26, 2023, at the behest of Mrs Urška Gradišnik, the Embassy of Slovenia called us.
Later the evening at 8:05 p.m. there was an IP phone call to my home landline and a woman’s voicemail in Chinese with an “Unknown caller” message on my cell phone. Did Mrs. Urška Gradišnik obtain my home landline number from my younger sister? Or did Mrs. Urška Gradišnik acquire my home landline number through an acquaintance of hers and leave a message on my cell phone? Thus, it is important that we discuss any questions we have with each other. Would you please take the time to answer the above three questions?


Director & Pharmacist
Yoko Nakai