The genealogy of APS's CEO

The founder: The first Representative Director, late Mr. Nobutaka Harada (my father)

APS became the Sole Agent for BEGO in 1969 to cover whole Japan.

Director: Mrs. Yoko Nakai (first daughter of Mr. Nobutaka Harada)

The second Representative Director: Mr. Yoshimi Nakai, Doctor of Engineering (Son-in-law of Mr. Nobutaka Harada)

Mr. Nobutaka Harada transfered the management to Mr. Yoshimi Nakai in the meeting.

エーピーエス 創業者 原田から中井に引き継ぎ式1

Mr. & Mrs. Harada   Mrs. Shimomori

You did everything you could to help us.

エーピーエス 創業者 原田から中井に引き継ぎ式2

Courteous greeting by Mr. & Mrs. Harada

エーピーエス 創業者 原田から中井に引き継ぎ式3

Mrs. Nakai  Mr.&Mrs. Harada

Mr. & Mrs. Harada are pleased at the greeting letter from Mr. Nakai.

エーピーエス 創業者 原田から中井に引き継ぎ式4

Mr. & Mrs. Harada   Mr. Nakai

I am forever grateful for your leadership.