30. January 2013

Dear Mr. J. S..

I am writing this mail from APS Co., Ltd. as BEGO's partner keeping during past 43 years.

By EMS air post, I sent you minutes talked on 14th June 2012 and I wonder if your all have already read it, or if not yet, I ask all BEGO staff to read it by all means since it is written in German languages which is easy to read.

By the way, please see also these 3 mails as attached herewith.

I would like to ask you if your BEGO imitated our APS's data and details for not only items of Class Ⅱ but also items of Class Ⅰ.

If you deny having did so and insist on your purity, please send me all of the applications of Two Originals , then please give me convincing explanations which can satisfy me.

In other words, I do wish to receive the both Applications made out under BEGO Dental (D-MAH N) and the Applications which was selected by force as D-MAH APS from BEGO, and If I cannot receive exact explanation for them from your side, I will be obliged to judge by myself as fo lows:
According to "DAS EVANGELIUM NACH JOHANNES 10 : 1, 29" in Bible, followings are considered, i. e. BEGO is equivalent to clear illegal actions violated under Pharmaceutical Affair Law in Japan.

I emphasize that APS's old Licenses are quite completely ones of valuable achievements in the past, and those are really superior to all Lawful others, having great meritorious deed.

Old APS's Licenses are duly of my late father's intellectual property "DIE ALTEN GENEHMIGUNGEN WAREN DAS GEISTIGE EIGENTUM DES VERSTORBENEN VATERS".
Those Licenses are now of my own intellectual property "SIE SIND JETZT MEIN GEISTIGES EIGENTUM".
Your BEGO are not permitted to make use of those Licenses.

Thus, I repeatedly ask you to send me all the documents which you made out by adopting our contents in details, and hoping that you can well understand my requirement, l do ask you to send me reply by mail.

Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Yoko Nakai,
Director of APS Co., Ltd & Pharmacist