My Prayer

The Article No.96 in 2002 for the Revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Law came into force on April 1, 2005 and 13 years have already passed since then.

In the meantime, the Law has been modified one after another.

However, breach of the Law against application and certification concerning BEGO's products can not be disappeared at all.

Who can assume the full responsibility for the breach of the Law caused by BEGO, JET and other parties concerned ?

It is not absolutely permitted that other party are still at present time importing /selling BEGO's products by illegal applicaions and illegal certifications.

Also, JET kept silence without reporting to us until APS realized that ceertification documents were not issued, and such facts are quite vicious crime beyond descriptions.

These are evil behavior to cheat God in the Holy Bible.

I cherish faith towards the God and Bible by myself.

ГThe First Letter of PAUL to The CORINTHIANS 13 : 6, 13
Love does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right. So faith, hope, love a abide, these three ; but the greatest of these is love.」

as mentioned above, the most importance is Love.

I believe that, when people commit wrong, they may prosper in business or so, however their prosperity is just temporary and never last permanently.

Even if false-hoods are fixed by being hidden , the God never admit such immorality permanently.

It is not permitted for me that the truth is destroyed by thr false-hoods.

I fear and worship the God. And, as I am believing the God's esteemed speech, I wish to inform BEGO・JET of the facts which mentioned by now.

These false-hoods goes on openly in public and I cannot bear the itself at all.

I ask BEGO・JET to kindly confess all process to me for both Pharmaceutical Affair Law's Applications and Certifications for BEGO's products.

While I am believing the God's justice to listen to my request finally, I keep praying all the time.

Berries for prayer reach the God's chest and the God should hopefully hear my prayer.

All honour wish to return to the God.

Yoko Nakai