Letter to Mr. Damjan Krsnik

If the collector of the debt in Slovenia collects the debt of my younger sister, our company will be able to immediately pay your company our open amount and interest thereon from that amount.

December 25, 2023

Dear Damjan,

Thank you for your email.
I would like to address the following regarding our company's open amount.

  1. Has your company already hired the collectors of the debt?
    Is that why I received two unexplainable voicemails from an IP phone on my cell phone on June 26 and November 22 with the message "Unreachable"?
    Is this possible even though Dr. Nakai did not fill in anything in the Stamp and signature on the EPIS plus d.o.o. document of May 5?
    Is IP phone one way for the collectors of the debt in Slovenia to collect a debt of our company in Japan directly?
  2. On December 20, 2022, I submitted a written report to the judge in charge of my younger sister case at the Amagasaki Branch of the Kobe District Court. On December 26 of the same year, I sent the English version of this written report to Mr. Skočir by email.
    Have you read this written report?
    In this written report, I express my love for my niece alongside a sincere admonition to my younger sister, accompanied by a childhood sketch of my younger sister's eldest daughter.
    I have never the slightest bit of hatred for my younger sister, who has been guilty of theft, tampering, and fraud.
    I continue to pray that my younger sister will reform herself and return all that she has stolen.
    And I have written in this written report for the first time the true claim amount of 563,975,814 yen to be returned by my younger sister to our company.
    Thanks to the court case in which my younger sister sued our company with a forged land lease agreement, the truth was clarified with God's help, I was able to calculate the amount of this claim and present it clearly in my written report. The judge who ruled for fraud left me with no rebuttal and two years have passed.
  3. Your company has the power to aggressively collect a debt from our company in Japan.
    Therefore, I would like to ask you to immediately collect the amount of 563,975,814 yen that my younger sister owes our company.
    If you do so, we will be able to immediately pay your company our open amount and interest thereon from that amount.
    I believe it is the most correct and fastest way for your company to make arrangements with the collector of the debt in this manner.
    I sincerely hope that you will take this idea and practice it immediately.


Director & Pharmacist
Yoko Nakai

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