I earnestly pray that God will raise APS up as He raised Jesus from the dead.

April 24, 2023

Dear Mr. John-Marco Fader,
I really appreciate that Mr. Fader framed and displayed the songs I wrote on the roll of paper on July 7, 2017.
Those songs are my feeling of working out my whole faith in the God of Truth.
I believe that God will certainly reflect on my faith.
I am grateful that you have been waiting for such a long time for a genuine resolution, and I sincerely regret that it has not yet been resolved.
We will exert our efforts to pay the outstanding amount signed by the president of our company, Yoshimi Nakai, in a lump.
I wrote to MU Frontier Servicer for the fourth letter on April 5, 2023. But I never got a straight answer and this brings the whole unsolved Incidents.
They are unable to answer because the content of my letter is true.
What did you think when you read my written report to the Amagasaki Branch of the Kobe District Court against my younger sister (Ms. Ogino) suing APS for demolishing the warehouse owned by APS with a forged land lease agreement and taking the land as well?
This judge is an accomplice of Ms. Ogino and does not hesitate to render a forgery judgment, and he is silent when I report for the truth.
He is a terrible judge, and Ms. Ogino is bad.
The trial with JET was also a fabricated decision.
It was a bad trial that cannot be helped.
Would you please read the attached letter on April 5 to MU Frontier Servicer?
The evidence is in Japanese, but I am attaching H and I (1), I (2).
You will understand that Ms. Ogino and Ms. Nishihara cleverly stole APS's money using Mitsubishi UFJ Bank for i-CAST.
It is truly appalling that the bank would cheat APS and conspire with Ms. Ogino and Ms. Nishihara to commit the crime.
If the bank did not profit from BEGO, I do not think they would commit such crimes.
I believe that only God of Truth is the one who can break the bad and tight union between BEGO, JET, Ms. Ogino, Ms. Nishihara and the bank.
I have made every sacrifice, believing that APS is my father's soul.
The last song of the scroll is my feeling for Mary of Bethany who anointed perfume of pure nard on the feet of Jesus.
Jesus died for the sins of all people and three days later He was raised by the heavenly Father.
I earnestly pray that God will raise APS up as He raised Jesus from the dead.
Sincerely yours.

Director & Pharmacist
Yoko Nakai